A Fee Only Financial Planner in St. Louis

As a fiduciary financial advisor, we’re invested in helping you. We serve medical professionals, executives and business owners.  No commissions, no cheesy sales tactics. Transparent fees, intelligent investing, real advice. 

+ Newlywed Meds

Nate & Victoria

Nate is an attending ER Physician and his wife Victoria is a Nurse Practitioner. They're looking to prudently manage their suddenly increased income as they balance student debt, saving for a home, and catch up on retirement/education savings. Where should they start? Victoria is also concerned about whether they have the right insurance in the event something happened to Nate, but is leery of insurance salesmen.

Examples of Institutions Served: Washington University, St. Louis University


Sara & Jim

Sara is a director at a Fortune 500 company. Jim is entering his 10th year with his company as a software engineer. They have excess income, but aren't sure where it would be put to best use. They want kids, but they want to be financially prepared first. How can they afford to build an emergency fund, invest toward retirement, and save for children?

Examples of Companies served: Monsanto, Express Scripts, Boeing, Phillips


Cole & Jill

Cole's an entrepreneur, and Jill's works in marketing. They’ve been married 5 years and have a 2-year-old with another on the way. Cole’s financial focus has been mostly on his businesses. Jill worries about her student loans. How can they reduce the financial concentration risk of his businesses, pay down loans and plan education costs?

Serving Established and Flegling Business in St. Louis Cortex district


You get access to a partner invested in helping you through your biggest financial decisions, creating clarity and confidence with your money.


Get help with your real questions around money: cash flow, investing your 401k, college savings, and objective guidance on matters like insurance or wills. 


We use elegant tools to give you anytime access to your information to simplify and organize your already busy world.


We use an investment approach grounded in evidence and research, not heresy or hunches, to help you build wealth over time. Low cost, no load investment vehicles. 


A FIDUCIARY approach

You get a dedicated Certified Financial Planner™ that works in your interest to understand your life set you on a new financial trajectory through intelligent, thoughtful planning.


Modern technology

We offer paperless account opening and form-sharing, e-scheduling of meetings, communication via video conference or email, and 24/7 secure online access to your information.    


Flexible Fee Model

While most clients pay for our services as a percentage of their investment accounts, we are able to work with physicians, business owners and executives whose largest assets are tied up in their 401k or business or they are building wealth. 



Building your life and career leaves you pressed for time. Getting prudent financial planning shouldn't be another burden. We offer meetings that fit into your schedule through use of video conferencing.  Meet with us over your lunch hour or from your couch.


a focus on Today's professionals

Founded to help people in their 30's to 50's that are largely ignored by financial professionals.  This is the most important time in your financial life. Make sure you're building a foundation that will pay dividends for decades to come. 


Evidence based investing

Our investment philosophy is ground in academic evidence rather than the whims of wall street.  We use low cost, no load funds to give you a diversified portfolio designed to let the power of the markets work for you.   

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