The Process:

  • 3 Initial Plan Meetings in the first 60-90 days to set your course

  • Semi-annual progress meetings after Initial Plan (spring/fall)

  • Anytime access between meetings to a dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™

Services Provided:

  • A dedicated relationship with a CFP® to hold you accountable and keep you on track

  • Low cost, evidence based investment management

  • Cashflow and budget planning to automate and simplify savings/spending

  • Annual retirement projections to determine whether you are on track

  • Employee benefits analysis to maximize 401k, health and other benefits choices

  • Proactive, objective advice on insurance, estate planning and tax matters

  • Collaboration with or introduction to vetted professionals (Attorneys, CPA, insurance)

  • Your own online client portal for anytime access to your entire financial life

  • Goal/Career discussions to ensure you’re working toward your best life