At Modern Dollar, our goal is to help you build a retirement plan that best fits the needs of owners, provides world class investment solutions, and ongoing advice from an advisor - all with transparent, competitive costs. Retirement plans have long been a confusing and burdensome space that came with hidden, excessive fees, a lack of transparency, and little to no service. We hope to change that.

Highlights of working with Modern Dollar Planning in designing and administering your qualified retirement plan include:

  1. No Hidden Agenda - As a named fiduciary, our interest lies in helping you create and administer a plan designed to fit your goals. No commissions, no third party kickbacks, no revenue sharing - just real, transparent advice.

  2. Lowering Legal Risk - By hiring an investment manager (available ERISA 3(38) designation), you reduce the company’s legal risk.

  3. Employee Education - We’ll shoulder the burden of educating your employees during the rollout of the plan, and annually thereafter, to make sure their questions are answered.

  4. Low Cost - We use partners like Vanguard and Employee Fiduciary to ensure that your company and employees put as much money to work as possible.

  5. Evidence-Based Investing - We’ll provide a simple, index fund approach for you and your employees to invest in a low-cost manner, designed to keep more money in your pocket.